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you'll never get lost in neverland. [entries|friends|calendar]
Lost in daydreaming once again.

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[08 Jan 2008|07:53pm]

marco: for the first time i wanna cut me hur

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[15 Jun 2005|07:27pm]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

comment to be added. gracias <3

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Is it half empty or half full?! [29 Aug 2003|05:03pm]
funnn day. In the start, I thought twas gonna be a boring day then it ended up to be a fun-0-fun day.
During Fil, Ms Z wasn't there so we had like an hour of nothing. The wholeback row was being all ditzy! Lol. One was putting mascara, one was plucking her eyebrows, one was putting some powder, one was putting lipgloss, 3 were buffing their nails...lol. It was so funny. Then during IW, all the classrooms were full so Tiff, Maiki, Blossom and I were just walking around and we ended up in the Fil corner but there was no cards so I was just listening to music. They called it "the slacking room". ENglish, we talked about living here in 10 years..it was actually fun. Cl, we did this family tree thing...also fun! Lunch, nothing much happened. I worked in the pastry cart. Math, finished my IW..talked a bit with Nica. Science, boring and I didn't get the topic. Music, we had to researchin the library but before going there, I told Ina to go with me to Mrs Manalac to give my project. She wasn't there so Sir Marlogot it instead. ANd guess what?! I said "Thanks, MISs" lol. That's the second time I've done that to him. ooppssiiieesss. WHile walking down, I told Ina about Jam and I seeing a big black butterfly which is supposedly "Ms Losa". I kept blabbing about it then she goes "you mean like that one?" then when I looke dto my right, it was right there! I ran like anything. lol. In the library, we were making poems about random stuff. Ask Ina for it. It's so funny!!!! ASk her! Then when we saw her mom, she was screaming "mommy! mommy!". So I said, lemme help you..so we go "mommy! Mommy!". IT was so funny cuz I was calling tita Eva "mommy". lol. :p Then when we got out of the library, we were making more rhymes then in one part, I said "Ms Los" then we ran like anything. Haha. Ok, I'm eating kesong puti sandwhich right now..
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[28 Aug 2003|06:08pm]
those pictures are just the cutest in the world. I can't stop looking at 'em. THEY'RE TOO CUTE!
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[28 Aug 2003|06:05pm]


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[28 Aug 2003|05:53pm]
the day was ok. I'm stil so pissed with Mrs Dilagan! I hate it! She's such an O.C.! We had our math test today, all I can say..ack. I was texting my mom the whole day today. Sobra, I miss her na...:( And my sister, too. In computer, Ina was trying to teach me this thing then the computer hung. then I noticed that the speakers were off so I turned it on...then when we restarted the computer, super loud...the music went on!!!! lol..Miss was like "Who's computer is that?". lol. Oh well. Oh yeah, Miss Lorenzon walked out kanina, shucks...I feel so bad.I'm excited for saturday!!!!!! Wuhoooo. Ok ... Ü
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[27 Aug 2003|08:09pm]
somuch to do...lab, english and math...manang! Photocopy! :P
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humhum [26 Aug 2003|10:45pm]
procrastination is the key to a bad future. Yup..hm. I've only been online for 2 hours..whoopdeedoo.
Mom's leaving tomorrow. Today was a cool day. The presentations of FIlipino were really cute. Specially As but still, C rocks! Ü
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[25 Aug 2003|07:03pm]
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[25 Aug 2003|06:32pm]
Ok, what's a proof of residence? example? hm. ok. today was a very lazy day for me. Super tired. Toot amad to write. Only cool thing about today was the presentation of the seniors...ok, i'm out.
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[25 Aug 2003|06:27pm]
UK, here I come! Wuhoo! I'm going with Alcine and Sugar! Wuhoo! Joanna, go also! Diba you wanna go? Hehe. Ok, Joanna, can I ride with you after HOnk? :P
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[24 Aug 2003|07:53pm]

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[24 Aug 2003|11:32am]
weekend's been long...hm. Oh yeah, I thought there was gonna be no school on TUesday. Anyways, I went with Ina, Tiff and Lex to Rockwell yesterday. It twas fun. We watched view from the top. Ok, I'm serious..I did kinda cry of envy. Argh! Ok, now, I wanna be a stewardess(sp?!?) or an ambassador or fashion designer or maybe I'll make my own business..aslong as it has something to do with going out of the country and making lots of money! When I got home, I watched some tv..AFV. Lol, ok, I don't know why but I found it so funny when there was this girl who was crying cuz she got a furby. I was laughing like anything. We're eating out...gotta go! :p
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[23 Aug 2003|09:32pm]
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[22 Aug 2003|06:34pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I think I spend too much time on the net. I gotta stop this..somehow. Our trip to HOng Kong was moved...hm. I was really excited. Oh well..I can't wait to get my hands on an mp3 of my own and a digital camera which can take black and whites...maybe I'll get it someday. I feel so unacomplished. The fear of failing my 1st year in highschool is totally killing me and Mrs D is still spreading her science paranoia. It has infected me since the third week of this school year. ok,I'm surely changing the look of my uncheerful bedroom where I store myself. I have to make it colorful. I plan to stick pictures all over the two blocks in my wall. Also, I'll change the undelightful picture of somesort of plant to four black and white pictures. Or maybe I should make a scrapbook with the pictures nalang...hmm.....Ok, I have such a wonderful plan for my 16th and 18th bdays...16th-Boracay 18th-Europe..haha;P

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[22 Aug 2003|01:31pm]
ok, nobody go to the site first...lol..it's not working yet and the layouts too corny..lol :P
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[22 Aug 2003|01:26pm]
hm..who wants to go to Boracay? :P seriously. :P After exams. fun fun! Too bad we cant go without adults..lol...if so, that'll be the bomb..no parents! wuhooo!!! :D:P haha. I wanna go, seriously! lol Ü:P
I wanna try spending Christmas in New York..hm, wonder how that feels..lol :P:D
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[22 Aug 2003|11:21am]
hey guys! I made a site for our team!!!! :P But it's not yet done..gotta fixthe layout and the tagboard and stuff...but check it out anyways...lol..still empty...http://www.geocities.com/allstahs Ü sign the guestbook!
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have a nice day........... [20 Aug 2003|09:51pm]
Ok, I'm too tamad to update......

@ Who can help me with the website? TEll me what you wanna do.
There's "the story", "profiles", "pictures", "memories", "the family" and stuff
@ When are we going to Tagaytay??
thanks for your time
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[19 Aug 2003|05:14pm]
MARLA! Welcome to my world...bwahahhaha! I know you're reading this. lol. Today's such a rainy day. I'm actually starting to get Mrs D but she's still infecting the class with scientific paranoia. bwahahaha. Ok, Sir Viharin is so weird. He said he was going to give us a quiz about Islam and stuff but instead, we spent an hour debating about the one who found the Sultanatu of Maguindanao and Sulu. Pala, it was an exercise! He did it in all the classes. He seriously loves debating. He always does. So, we had no quiz. I ate t-bone steak for lunch. Mmmm. Can't believe they sell it in school. Jam, we have to meet with Tita beda/Veda/ or the pastry cart lady! okkkk? Hope she's reading this. Ok, I got my quiz back from Science. ah! I didn't fail it! Out of three, got one stupid wrong. Oh well. Going to the music room for music, me and Ina started punching each other. I guess we turned kinda sour, we seriously we're hitting each other until forever. It only stopped when i went down. SOrry Ina! Ms em-em or whatever you call her, called half of the class to take the computer quiz. She was all surprised and scared-looking. lol. That's about it. Boring day. I still feel bad for punching ina...lol..sorry. haha. Ok, I really wanna go horseback riding this saturday. lol. gtg...Ü
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